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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 12, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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a settlement is within reach for the 9/11 first responders who were sickened at ground zero. but eight and a half years later, some critics call it a national disgrace. why have we been unable to build at the site. tiger is back, freshly rehand and rested, grabbing his irons, getting ready for a comeback. we have the latest evidence where and when he will reemerge. it's happened again, more mysterious lights over lake erie near cleveland. is it a ufo? we'll talk with an eyewitness about the latest images. >> you've been missing a lot of work lately. >> i wouldn't say i've been missing it, bob. our week long series, get to work, america. we'll take a look at what you can do to be happy in the job you already have. hello, everybody. i'm david shuster reporting live from washington. some breaking news just in to us. a federal judge is now postponing a hearing into a huge
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settlement for 9/11 responder trade center attacks. he wants to make sure the proposed deal is fair and appropriate. thousands of workers who claim to have been sickened by dust and debris will have three months to decide whether to accept the package. if 97% do not say yes, the deal is off. meanwhile eight and a half years after 9/11, the lower manhattan skyline still reflects the wishes of al qaeda. today marks a dramatic deadline for new york officials and a developer trying to fill the void with what's been called the freedom tower plan and recently named world trade tower even though it will look nothing like the original twin towers. as you can see the office construction only rises about 200 feet right now. the project has been delayed by engineering flaws, bureaucratic bungling and a dispute over who should pay for a plan that the
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9/11 families call insulting. if the developer and the government agency in charge of the site, the port authority, cannot agree on a rebuilding timetable and crucial financial issues, an arbitrator will step in. joining us is former new york city councilmember. first of all, your reaction to the judge wanting to hold off, give workers time to figure out whether the settlement is appropriate. >> i'm not going to second-guess the judge. the workers, the victims, the heroes of 9/11 deserve adequate and reasonable time to assess the settlement. i have not seen the details of the settlement. i know the workers have been well represented. my inclination if they reached a tentative agreement, it probably is a reasonable and fair agreement. but certainly this is a long day coming and the workers deserve the time to have an adequate opportunity to view and assess and decide for themselves.
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these are the heroes of 9/11. they put themselves on the land and have been sickened as a result and deserve every consideration. as far as rebuilding the site itself, today was the deadline for the developer larry silverstein, head of the port authority to come up with an agreement on who would pay to continue this freedom power plan. >> i'm not privy to the most up to date development. i'm hopeful they will come together. if not, as you pointed out, the arbitrator will step in. we need to get going on the site. if they cannot reach an agreement, the agreement will be imposed due to the lower manhattan community, the nation for all, which the rebuilding is supposed to symbolize. >> isn't part of the problem the rebuilding plan they have, the original freedom tower they renamed, people hated it. the 9/11 families hated it. they have not been able to get enough tenants to make it financially viable, so they are stuck with this project a few feet off the ground but nobody
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wants to rent. of course the developer is going to say, why should i pay something nobody should want. >> we're building for the future. we're not building for the current economic climate, clearly. between the developer and insurance proceeds the developers received and support of the port authority and governments involved, we should and can come up with a reasonable plan that will rebuild the site. we're talking about replacing the same amount of square feet lost on 9/11. >> wouldn't it have made more sense and been symbolic to rebuild twin towers stronger, taller, safer. that's what al qaeda didn't like. rather than saying we're going to let the terrorist change our skyline, no, you rebuild it and tell people we stand for something in new york. >> i think what we stand for is not the precise physical c
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construct but a vibrant testament to our society. there were many reasons not to rebuild the same two towers. we need the memorial. that has to be the first priority. that memorial must be complete no later than the tenth anniversary. as you know, we're getting mighty close to that deadline. there needs to be the performing arts center, a testament to the resiliency of our community and life itself. we need to carry on the important commercial work that was done at that site for which there will still be a need if this economy comes around. >> alan gerson, we appreciate you coming on. my views, i'm not sure how resilient it suggests we are when you're talking about building a tower smaller than the original twin towers. alan gerson thanks for coming on, we really appreciate it. >> thank you, david. in a story developing this hour, secretary of state hillary clinton is at the united nations for an address on the conference for wichlt we'll be monitoring her speech to see if the secretary makes any news.
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a programming news, secretary clinton will be andrea michelle's special guest 1:00 p.m. monday right here on msnbc news. today the white house confirmed president obama will postpone an important trip to asia so he can lobby congress on the health care reform bill. meanwhile in another dramatic development, house sperg nancy pelosi said she will try to pass the measure without the support of the anti-borings wing of the democratic congress. those led by congressman stupak demanded changes in the bill or they said they would try and kill it. much more on this including decision by democrats to ling student loan legislation. all coming up later this hour on the shuster showdown. this just in to the msnbc newsroom. the democratic national committee just release add new attack ad that responds to a similar ad on ethics issued by the republicans. >> senator mitch mcconnell, a caucus wrecked by scandal.
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david vitter, prostitution, violating his vows to his family and the public. john ensign, an fbi investigation, allegations of hush money and jobs for silence, all to cover up his affair. >> rough stuff from the democrats. here is the republican ad that sparked this fight in the first place. most open and most ethical congress in history. >> charlie rangel stepped down, pelosi defended him two years. eric massa resigned afteracy of sexual harassment surfaced. pelosi called it rumor. all of this is just the beginning of what's ahead in this midterm election year andrew young, former aide and close friend of john edwards faced down an angry and skeptical judge. it involves inconsistencies about a sex tape with rielle
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hunter. edwards lawyer convinced young who wrote the best selling book about edwards titled "the politician" is lying and holding a computer disk and provocative photos. a forensic expert testified to searching young's computer and finding over 80,000 images, 1400 relevant to this case. the name rielle hunter showed up 90,000 times. the judge has been threatening young with jail time if he doesn't show up in court and turn over everything and anything related to all of this. investigators in california need your help linking a possible cold case disappearance to a notorious 1970s serial killer. take a good look at these pictures, the first time they have been released in 30 years. they found the photos in a storage locker of convicted murderer rodney alcala. the district attorney wants to
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know if you recognize any of the women pictured. investigators are trying to determine if some of the people in the pictures were victims of alcala, known as the dating game killer. the amateur photographer and on the popular game show. he's headed to death row for the murder in the 1970s of four women and a child. a convicted child molester set to be released from california prison today now faces charges in florida. the florida d.a. said george england allegedly used a five-year-old girl he purchased in vietnam as a sex slave. he's also charged with having child pornography on his computer. england served only three years in california prison for sexually assaulting three girls. in a separate case parole records obtained by "associated press" show convicted sex offender and murder suspect john gardner violated parole in 2007 by living within a half mile from a school. but he was allowed to remain
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free. he pleaded not guilty last week to murdering teenager chelsea king. police say he's also a focus in the investigation of the murder of amber dubois. mark's daughter was kidnapped from her own bed and later murdered. thanks for joining us. what is going on with -- it seems like there are holes in the law regarding these despicable people. >> actually, david, there really aren't holes in the wall. what we have is a situation where the california department of mental health, in violation of jessica's law passed in 2006 by 70% of voting callans mandates that any of these sexually violent predators due for release have to undergo an in person evaluation by two expert psychiatrists or psychologists. if these individuals agree these characters continue to threaten society, then civil commitment proceedings are begun. instead of allowing that process
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to go forward, they are simply looking at the records. thus far they have transferred more than 17,000 sexually violent predators onto the streets of california, people like england. people like gardener. people who continue to be a threat to society but the department of mental health seems to be willing to wash their hands of them. >> it doesn't seem clear, though, take the case of gardner accused of murdering chelsea king and a suspect in the disappearance of amber dubois. according to the "associated press," he violated his parole three years ago living within a half mile of a school. why is i he was allowed to do that, allowed to violate parole and not have consequences of it. >> i think the question is why was he put back on the streets. why is epgd after spending only three years in prison after a 30 year history of pedophilia, a crime so heinous and evil they can't even be repeated here, why
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are these people allowed out in the first place. that's the key question i believe. >> marc, you're absolutely right. thanks for coming on today. we appreciate it. >> thank you, david. >> you're welcome. a deluge of rain is making for a soggy mess up and down the east coast. melting snow could add to the flooding. central florida is dealing with flood threats and cleanup from thunderstorms that damaged homes in several counties. let's bring in weather channel meteorologist chris warren for the latest. chris. >> david, that threat is not over for florida. we take a look here. now heading into miami we do have a line, strong line of thunderstorms. this red box indicating the threat for some tornadoes, a tornado watch in effect. meanwhile we do have active weather. parts of kentucky and tennessee under severe thunderstorm watch this afternoon. we take a look at the northeast now. this is where things start to get very interesting over the weekend. by interesting we're talking about a lot of rain and wind and
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the threat for some flooding. could see some widespread flooding associated with widespread rain. take a look at this here david. we're looking at possibly three to five inches of rain. this is going to be a very wet couple of days for the northeast. this goes from washington, d.c. all the way to southern new england throughout the weekend. so we do have the threat for moderate to major flooding possible throughout streams and some of the rivers as well. this looks like a big deal. you have that melting snow and a lot of rain that will be coming this weekend. so the northeast, david, definitely the place to watch. if you're heading out and about it's going to be windy as well. >> chris, thank you very much. just ahead, an unsolved mystery goes deeper. strange lights in the sky return for the ninth straight night. the people of euclid, ohio, wants answers. breaking news on tiger
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woods. police are releasing documents about his crash right now. plus, could tiger's big comeback be sooner rather than later? how a former bush insider may help the embattled golfer improve his image. what's our favorite part of honey bunches of oats? the sparkly flakes. the honey-baked bunches!
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breaking news out of alabama. several huntsville police units parked in front of the home of dr. amy bishop. she, of course, accused of murder at those university shootings. police are not saying what they are doing on the scene. there are reports of a small robot entering the home followed by a small boom then larger boom. dr. bishop was arrested one month ago today. she stands accused of killing six colleagues during a department meeting at the university of huntsville campus. three of them there died.
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sounds like officials believe there's some sort of bomb or device they needed to take precautions with in her house. toyota's troubles may be shifting into overdrive. at any moment, a former toyota attorney is expected to turn over thousands of pages of incriminating documents subpoenaed by a house committee. proved what they knew about the safety risk. phil lebeau live with the latest. >> reporter: let's be clear. this is toyota handing over documents to a subcommittee investigating what's going on or allegedly has taken place in the past with toyota. you're referring to a former corporate attorney for toyota who has said publicly he believes the company has hid evidence of potential safety defects from regulators as well as from the public and as a result this is a company that knew that it had problems and did not address those problems. so the interesting thing now, david, is whether or not we
3:19 pm
start to see documents that truly are smoking gun-type documents. or if we have more documents that suggest this is a company that didn't move quick enough but did not knowingly hide anything it should have been reporting to federal investigators. that's going to be the shift and focus of this investigation over the next coming weeks. >> phil, do we know anything more about box loads of documents in terms of what kinds of documents are they? are they e-mails, internal e-mails, safety reports? any indication on any of that? >> not specifics but what we have heard are, we're talking about internal memos as well as reports looking into certain aspects of different vex. whether or not that actually turns out to be the case, we'll have to wait and see. certainly you can imagine that the people in washington, they want to see these documents firsthand. is there that incriminating document that says, hey, toyota knew something was wrong and should have acted quicker? >> in fact, i think if they find any of that, we'll probably hear about it pretty quickly.
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phil lebeau, we appreciate it as always. >> you bet. straight ahead, new information on tiger woods and the crash that started the whole drama surrounding his infidel y infidelities. don't forget to spring forward. daylight savings time begins and clocks jump ahead one hour at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. [ female announcer ] kids who don't eat breakfast may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials.
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i discovered what i can eat and how much. i discovered i only needed a twenty-minute walk. i discovered how to wake up feeling great. there's so much to discover in the accu-chek aviva system. why not start your discovery today? all: i did. breaking news on the accident involving tiger woods over thanksgiving. florida highway patrol just released field notes on the night of the golfer's crash. we'll still sorting through the documents. here is what we have found so far. ambulance crews refused to let woods wife elin ride with him to the hospital because they believed the couple had been involved in a domestic violence dispute. the notes also show police suspected woods of being under the influence of prescription drugs at the time of the crash but were unable to get blood
3:24 pm
samples. there are reports he had taken the sleep sedative ambien. there's every indication despite everything the golfing champion is preparing for tournament play in the weeks ahead, perhaps two weeks. woods' swing coach has been spending time with him in florida, in orlando. former press secretary ari fleischer has reportedly been brought on by retainer by woods for media and pr issues. multiple sources say they have been told to get ready for tiger's return. the next tournament two weeks, and he has until a week from now to let the arnold palmer know whether he's going to participate in that tournament which starts march 24th. time for a look at some other stories making news across the united states. right now in boca raton, florida, lynn university holding a memorial service to honor students and staff killed in the
3:25 pm
earthquake in haiti. four students and two faculty staying in the the capital of port-au-prince were killed in the quake. we've heard about the kid in the candy store but what about the car. this was the scene in rhode island after the driver of a vintage car crashed into a candy store to avoid a van full of children that ran a top sign. ironically no children were in the candy store. the store's owner and son suffered minor injuries. the driver walked away without a scratch. another huge crack in the glass ceiling right here in washington, d.c. natalie randolph was introduced today as the head football coach at coolidge high school. she's the only woman coaching boys' varsity football in the united states. coming up, how a vote against health care reform could mean a vote against student loan funding. talk about a tight squeeze, one of the biggest cruise ships in the world is finding out that bigger isn't always better. and it happened again.
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hurry in to the subaru love spring event for great deals on all models. now through march 31st. i'm julia boorstin with your cnbc market wrap. let's take a look at how the stocks are doing today. let's look at those major indexes. looks like the dow is lower, 8 points, s&p 500 down 3, nasdaq down 5 points. don't spend it too quickly, there's a chance you might not get it right away. cash-strapped states are delaying refunds. hawaii's residents may not see theirs until august. why? the recession has some states facing a major budget crisis and they need the crash to meet operating expenses. twitter is watching you. the micro blogging site rolled out a new feature that tells
3:30 pm
anyone in the world where you're tweeting from when the tool is activated. it will ling to a google map of the area they are in. that's cnbc, first in business worldwide. david, over to you. >> thank you very much. this week we've been following a mystery over cleveland, ohio, unexplained lights in the sky and allegations of ufos. last night it happened again. for the ninth night in a row, euclid, ohio, claimed to see the mysterious light over lake erie. this time there were a pair of lights. he's been videotaping all week and joins us by phone. i know it was a bit cloudy but what did you see? >> we saw the lights come back. we saw two lights over the south side of cleveland and it looked like they were moving around each other. right after that we saw what looked like helicopters in pairs just patrolling the area.
3:31 pm
this has never happened before. >> as far as the helicopters, let's go through some of the explanations. over the last couple of days i talked to officials from nasa. they have the lab called the glen research center. they sometimes test rockets but say they haven't done any testing this week. a pentagon official said the faa hasn't been doing anything. one suggested maybe this is a helicopter, the lights you're seeing, or maybe a rescue helicopter from one of the hospitals, cleveland clinic. you're an emt, could that be possible? >> here is the thing. when we get helicopters coin, usually they are within the lake. when you get airplanes come in, that could be possible. the way we've seen this helicopters, you can very clearly tell what's a helicopter, what's a plane and what these illuminations are. and they are very distinct. the light patterns are completely irregular and so bright. they don't contain the colors that you would see on a
3:32 pm
helicopter or plane. >> again, every night it's between 7:00 and 8:00 and they last for an hour or two. is that right? >> it really depends. it lasted a few hours last night. it depends if it's clear or not, they sometimes stay much longer. i really couldn't say. >> we appreciate you keeping track of all this and look forward to seeing some more of your tapes. we'll keep viewers posted as we continue to try to figure out what exactly this thing is. again, along lake erie near euclid, ohio, east of cleveland. again, eugene, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, david. have a good one. fastest three minutes of news down to the wire. first off, utah house state floor turned into a confessional. listen as kevin garner revealed a nude rendezvous years ago. >> i foolishly went hot tubbing
3:33 pm
with a woman half my age. although we did not have any sexual contact it was clearly inappropriate. >> utah's government said he has no plans to ask for his resignation. hundreds of hard core metallica fans faced tear gas when they tried to attend the concert. a lot of people who didn't have tickets were angry about being shut out. police arrested 160 rioters. and oklahoma, we're learning the cause of a gas line explosion. look at that. the gas company says there was a weakness in the high pressure transmission line. the natural gas erupted into a fireball. no one was hurt. why is the u.s. press secretary wearing a canadian hockey shirt? he lost his bet over the u.s.,
3:34 pm
a-canada hockey game in the olympics. the wager didn't specify how long he had to wear it. >> no offense to my canadian friends, but we couldn't have done this without -- >> bravo. bravo. president obama had his own bet sending a case of beer to canada's prime minister. a little potty humor now. this stup turs as george w. bush doubles as a urinal, part of a urinal and sink collection from a san francisco artist. no surprise it comes from nancy pelosi's home district. next time you fly, maybe you should pack your odor eaters. airport workers in florida complain when passengers remove their shoes and walk through security, the action unleashes a smell. tsa workers asked for a new carpet saying the old one smells like stinky feet. the dance will go on in mississippi after school district canceled prom rather
3:35 pm
than let a girl take her girlfriend. a local hotel owner offered to host an alternative dance free of charge. if you're having trouble parking your car, try this maneuver. you're looking at the world's largest cruise ship. they maneuvered it successfully at the start of its maiden voyage. when it comes to exercise, less could be more. a new study claims as much. researchers say doing ten one-minute sprints on a stationary bike with one-minute rest in between tones muscles as well as biking less strenuously for hours and hours. >> this man didn't get the memo on the shorter exercise team. he finished a 36 day trek. he set out on the trek to raise money for -- that's okay. a little more time. this is a worthy cause. he set out to raise money for a children's charity and got a total of $16,000. we're over for a few seconds. that's okay. it was worth it. that brings us down to the wire.
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it is now time for today's shuster showdown. president obama is dropping his plans for a trip to asia. house speaker nancy pelosi is putting democrats in her rearview mirror. reid is saying get ready for reconciliation, known as majority rules. now democrats are raising the stakes by tying student loans to the health care bill. in other words, anybody who votes against the bill will face the charges in november of also having opposed helping young americans go to college. as for the republicans, house minority leader john boehner was a guest on msnbc's daily rundown and made it clear bipartisanship is dead. >> all my attention and all my effort at this point is making sure this bill never, ever, ever becomes law. and i think the american people are on our side. i think they have spoken loudly and clearly. they want no part of this. i think democrats who vote for this do this at their own peril. >> have democrats finally learned to beat republicans at
3:37 pm
their own game? with us for shuster showdown, radio talk show host bill press and alex conan. bill, let's start with you, democrats playing hardball. will it work? >> i think it's about time. i talked to several senators, members of congress, people at the white house in the last couple of days. from all of them, you hear a new sense of optimism. they feel they are very close, really down to the very final issues between the house and the senate. the more the republicans defy them to pass this bill, the more the democrats are committed to doing it. the president is staying in town for an extra three days to get it done. they really feel they can get the bill done by the end of the month and take it to the american people, let the american people decide. >> alex, your view? >> that's the exact same thing we've been hearing for a year. last june, july, august, oh, by the end of the month we're going to get this done, yet it hasn't passed. there is some bipartisanship actually, bipartisan opposition to the bill.
3:38 pm
right now the democrats never mind trying to woo republicans, they are out there trying to woo democrats who are looking at this bill, looking at the poll numbers back in their districts where 94% of the people in some cases say they are watching this vote very carefully and the vast majority oppose it. they are looking at this and say, look, if i vote for this bill, it's going to cost mimi job in congress. is it worth it? a lot are saying no. >> go ahead. >> the reason it didn't happen sooner, democrats spent too much time thinking they could get some republicans to come along. what john boehner just said is what john boehner said over a year ago and they should have listened to him. they set out determined to kill any obama bill and now at least obama and the democrats realize that and they are leaving them behind. they don't need them. they don't want them. >> alex, i want to get your reaction to conservative columnist david brooks. to call this an orthodox liberal plan is an absurdity. it more closely resembles center
3:39 pm
left deals. obama pushed the program with tenacity unmatched in modern political history. never mind tenacity, what about the idea to call this an orthodox liberal plan is an absurdity. >> look, this plan raises taxes, expands government mandates. that is liberal. by any definition, that's liberal. you can laugh, but that's why moderate democrats are balking at the prospects of voting for this legislation and why all republicans have opposed it. republicans have come forward with common sense ideas to cut health care costs. those proposals are not and the legislation now considered in the house and in the senate. because of that they are all going to vote against it and a lot of common sense democrats that don't want to vote for it either. >> you know what, david, these are the same old tired arguments we've been hearing a year and a half. let me finish. it was put forward by howard baker. it was put forward by bob dole. these are not liberals. you know what? it's time for up or down vote. take it to the american people. the republicans will be for repeal.
3:40 pm
republicans will be for reform, expanding health care to 30 million americans. go for it. >> we do think the vote is going to happen next week. bill press, alex, thank you very much. we appreciate it. have a good weeks. coming up, a judge delaying a decision on what could be a big payday for thousands of 9/11 rescue workers who sued new york city. details. final edition of our special series, get to work america. on this friday, we'll tell you how to be happy in the job you already v [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better . to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪
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then get a four-star hotel at a two-star price from when four-star hotels have unsold rooms they use hotwire to fill them, so you get them at ridiculously low prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ i don't care if they lay me off either. i told bill if they move my desk one more time i'm quitting. i'm going to quit. and i told don, too. they have moved my desk four times already this year. i used to be over by the window. >> a classic spend from "office space" one so many americans can
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relate to. we wend the series "get to work america" with a question that vexed mankind for centuries. is it possible to be happy at work? a career strategist, author of career realism, the approach to a satisfying career. she joins us live from boston. according to poll, 72% of americans say once the recession ends they will leave their jobs. why are so many people unhappy at work panned what are the keys to being unhappy on the job? >> great question. i think we have to focus on the definition of happiness. that really comes down to professional satisfaction. we find there's really three elements that need to be present, inspiration, education and connection. when we have those things we're happy in our job. we see people take a new job. they get excited about the opportunity. they are in the honeymoon phase with the employer. what happens over time, the glow wears off, they settle into the job. they discover one or more of those things, the inspiration,
3:45 pm
education and connection is missing and they become unhappy. it's at that point they need to step back and figure out what's missing and how do i put it back into my job so i can stay happy here. >> as far as those people who are miserable but have to stay in the job they have right now, what's the best advice for them? >> well, first we need to have a little bit of a reality check and remember it's not our boss or the company's job to make us happy on the job. that's our responsibility. like any relationship, we have to make ourselves happy. we have to remember that. i don't fault people for that. i think it's important to recognize part of the plame stems from the fact no other society in the world puts as much pressure on us to define ourselves using our career that way as we do. so we've got a whole bumg of people every day feeling the pressure to answer that question what do you do in a way that gains respect. first you need to ask yourself, am i guilty of that. did i take this job to impress
3:46 pm
others. am i doing work because i expect them to make me happy in return. once we realize we're guilty of that. we can focus on what do i need to do to inspire myself, educate myself and connect with others to be happy. it's an important concept to embrace. >> the three keys to being happy at work. j.t. o'donnell, thank you for coming in. good to see you. >> thank you so much. is america ready? a week long series that takes a hard look at whether america is ready for legalizing drugs and gambling, same-sex marriage, a female president and a wave of new technology that is sure to change our lives. that's all next week at 3:00 p.m. eastern time only right here on msnbc. now, our top three today in honor of our series on jobs, the worst movie bosses of all time. number three, alec baldwin called in to shape up sad sack salesmen. >> because you drove a hyundai,
3:47 pm
i drove an $80,000 bmw. that's my name. and your name is your wanting. you can't play in the man's game, you can't close them, you go home and tell your wife your troubles. number two, meryl streep as a tough magazine editor in "the devil wears prada." here is a small taste of her venom. >> you have no style or sense of fashion. no, no. that wasn't a question. i need 10 or 15 skirts. >> what kind of skirts. >> please bore someone else with your questions. number one worst boss in movie history, we leave this block of our show with kevin spacy as a hollywood agent in "swimming with the sharks" after his assistant asked him to tone down the yelling. >> you are nothing. if you were in my toilet bowl i wouldn't bother flushing it. my bath mat means more to me
3:48 pm
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a look at the top stories right now. in court this afternoon, andrew young, a former aide to senator john edwards, over inconsistencies in his testimony. a federal judge will hold a hearing next week to let people weigh in on a settlement that would pay up to $657 million to those sickened after toiling in the ruins of the world trade center. thousands will have three months to decide whether to accept the package. if 95% don't say yes, the deal is off. what a week this has been. and as we look back, here are some of the more memorable moments. rahm emanuel, son of the devil's spawn. >> eric massa, democrat from new york had a lot to say this week. first there was the radio interview. >> i'm sitting there shoring,
3:52 pm
naked as a jaybird, and here comes raul, not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest yelling at me because i wasn't going to vote for the president's budget. >> reporter: then the interviews turn even more bizarre on fox news as massa tried to explain allegations of sexual harassment. >> now they're saying i groped a male staffer. yeah, i did. not only did i grope him, i tickled him until he couldn't breathe and then several others jumped on me. >> reporter: and then denied sexual contact. >> have you ever had any inappropriate sexual contact with anyone on your staff, male or female? >> no. >> reporter: >> we're talking about eric massa 24/7 on the tv. we're talking about war and peace, $3 billion.
3:53 pm
1,000 lives. and no press. no press. >> reporter: this week there was a lot of press for a toyota prius owner who called 911. >> what's going on, your accelerator stuck? >> yeah. i tried to pull it back. yeah. i tried to pull it back. >> how fast are you going? >> 80 something. >> reporter: the prius kept accelerating for 25 minutes, forcing the driver to weave around traffic on a san diego freeway. eventually a california highway patrolman helped slow the car down. >> he got up on the side and i was standing on the brake pedal looking out the window at him. and he said, push the emergency brake, too. i laid on both of them. >> the vehicle was barely slowing down. and then i noticed that it would accelerate again. we were up to 90 miles per hour. >> reporter: the owner said he will never drive a prius again. while toyota got hammered this
3:54 pm
week, a 7-year-old boy in a los angeles suburb was showered with praise. after robbers broke into his home, the frightened but clear-thinking boy called 911. >> there's some guys who are going to kill my mom and dad. can you come? >> reporter: carlos hid with his sister in the bathroom. meanwhile, sheriff's deputies say two gunmen were trying to rob his mother and father. >> they were next to the door, with my mom and dad, and mom was putting her hands up and her head down. >> reporter: when the robbers found carlos and realized he had called police, they fled. and nobody was harmed. the next day carlos met the dispatcher who helped him. >> thank you. thanks to our producer, dan, for putting that piece together and so many contributions to the show. dan's leaving us for better and bigger things. dan, we want to say thank you. we really appreciate all of your great work. finally, we love vigorous debates and discussions on this
3:55 pm
program. but facts are important. some of my notebook item today, i'd like to settle a dispute over facts that came up this week. caved corn and brad blakeman got into an argument about the discussion in the runup to the iraq war. >> he brought us into the war because saddam hussein failed to allow inspections of the sites that the u.n. demanded -- >> you're absolutely wrong. the inspectors were in. they were in for months before the war. >> come on, david. >> right now, $1,000, the inspectors were there. brad blakeman did not take him up on the bet. and that was wise. because a dozen newspaper accounts in 2003, three colleagues at fact-check organizations, even my office made pat but can a agree the facts are indisputable in that david corn was right. u.n. weapons inspectors were in iraq and got unfettered access to whatever they wanted from november of 2002 until march
3:56 pm
18th, d'3. here's a photo of a missile site southeast of baghdad. the reason they left iraq, as so many reported, is the bush administration told the u.n. team on march 17th to pull out for their own safety. the war started march the 20th. it is clear the bush administration at the time thought saddam hussein was playing games because the inspectors weren't finding anything. but as we know now, there were no wmds in iraq. nothing for them to find. so for a guest to claim on our air we went to war because the inspectors weren't allowed to inspect the sites and not all allowed in iraq in 2003. that is false. let this be a lesson to everyone who comes on this show, facts matter, the truth matters. and as long as i'm your host, i'm going to do everything possible to give you the viewer reporting and debates based on the facts no matter where it may lead us. that's our show for this
3:57 pm
friday. i'm david shuster live in washington. up next, richard trump joins dylan today. wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a full family of excellent nutrition... and helpful resources. ♪ purina cat chow. share a better life.
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